Finally, Top-Secret
Email is Here!

Finally, Top-Secret Email is Here!

Get complete control of your email after you hit send. Instantly recall or expire emails, and they vanish forever. Plus, PivotMail works on all your devices with your current emails. Why use PivotMail?


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Keep Email Secret


Expire individual messages whenever you want. Protect your personal information from prying Internet spies with our powerful, patented, end-to-end encryption. Only you and your recipients can read your email. It never hits a hard drive. Secure your email.


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Take Control


Changed your mind about an email? Recall it instantly, and it vanishes forever. Easily expire emails at any time, even after sending. Plus, restrict forwarding. Know when your emails are read. Own your email.


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Easy to Use


PivotMail is for everyone. A simple overlay allows seamless integration with your favorite email service on your computer and phone including Outlook, Gmail, and most other email systems. Get security and control without the slowdown. It only takes a minute to install. Effortless Private Email.


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Supported Platforms:


Google Chrome SecureMozilla Firefox EncryptionMicrosoft Outlook 2010 PrivacyMicrosoft Outlook 2013 ProtectionMicrosoft Outlook for Mac SecureApple Mail EncryptionAndroid Mobile Email SecurityiOS Mobile Email Protection

Email Services:


Exchange 2010 Email EncryptionMicrosoft Exchange 2013 SecureOffice 365 Email ControlGmail EncryptionYahoo Mail SecurityAOL Mail SecureComcast Webmail Email Encryption
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Privacy & Ownership


PivotMail’s goal is for you to have complete control and ownership over your emails. We believe in privacy and security and do our best to explain how we use your data in providing services.

PivotMail’s Guarantee


We do not have access to and never have your email or attachments.

 If you recall or expire an email, it is gone forever.

 We do not upload your contacts to our servers.

 We do not know anything about what you do with PivotMail.

 We never sell any information about you to anyone.

 We do not have a back door.

Secure Your Email.


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Easily send secure, encrypted emails that vanish whenever you want.

Easily send secure emails.

*We do not sell or share your email, and you can change preferences at any time.